Black Eyed Peas – The Beginning

On June 6, 2010, the band confirmed that they were working on a new album in an interview for The Big Issue. The album was described as a sequel to The E.N.D. announced that the new album, which “symbolizes growth, new beginnings and starts a fresh new perspective," will be titled The Beginning. The album was released on November 30, 2010 and received mixed reviews. The album’s first single is called “The Time (Dirty Bit)",[19] and was revealed on October 20, 2010 through’s Twitter account.The Music Video was directed by Rich Lee,who had previously directed the video for “Imma Be Rocking That Body"

The group also stated in The Big Issue interview that they are working on a 3D film directed by James Cameron. The film will be a tour documentary with fiction inserted into it. The group also performed at the Super Bowl XLV halftime show, at Cowboys Stadium, on February 6, 2011.

On December 5, they appeared on the seventh series of The X Factor in the UK performing “The Time (Dirty Bit)".

“Just Can’t Get Enough" was confirmed as the second single on on January 11, conflicting with rumors that Whenever and The B.O.Y. would be the next singles.

On February 6, 2011, the group was featured during the halftime show at Super Bowl XLV. The performance received mixed reviews in both social and mainstream media. With this performance they became only the second musical act (after Shania Twain) to perform at both major North American football championship games (the other being the CFL’s Grey Cup).

The album’s second single, Just Can’t Get Enough, was released in February 18, 2011. The music video was released in March 16, 2011 and it was filmed in Tokyo, one week before the earthquake and the tsunami. The video was directed by Ben Mor.

On March 17, The Black Eyed Peas appeared on the American Idol elimination show singing their new single “Just Can’t Get Enough". noted at the beginning of the song that the song was dedicated to “our friends in Japan".


都是上一張唱片較好聽、這張跌得唯一首歌我喜歡的,就是The Time,雖然應該已被電臺洗腦的緣故,還有他的強勁節拍,非常的可以試試我的喇叭、Bit Box(用錯詞語吧~)




美國當紅組合黑眼豆豆(Black Eyed Peas)面臨拆夥危機,Will.I.Am與其他成員不和,當中Fergie更已謀定離隊。

黑眼豆豆今個夏天排滿巡唱檔期,又計劃明年初開騷,網站RadarOnline爆料,演出尚未落實,事關主音Fergie準備脫隊,主要原因是她難頂Will.I.Am,另外,她也好想同演員老公祖舒杜咸米爾(Josh Duhamel)造人。



又是無圖無真相:The Beginning

  1. The Time (Dirty Bit)
  2. Light Up The Night
  3. Love You Long Time
  5. Someday
  6. Whenever
  7. Fashion Beats
  8. Don’t Stop The Party
  9. Do It Like This
  10. The Best One Yet (The Boy)
  11. Just Can’t Get Enough
  12. Play It Loud
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