A conventional way to install Windows software on Ubuntu

Previously, I used wine 1.3 to install and run Windows software on my little Ubuntu, however, once I upgraded my wine, it ruins. I googled for a long time, but no solutions. Today, I downloaded the CrossOver Pro 9, although this is a commercial software, it doesn’t matter as I am not an open-source fan.

My way to run wine software is:

1. Use Crossover to install software first

My version is Crossover 9 pro, as I have mentioned before

If you don’t have a copy of it, You may download it here for non-commercial and testing use only.

2. Configure the Crossover first

i. You need to create a bottle first, either Windows Vista or else

ii. Open location: /home/usr name/.cxoffice/

iii. Change the name of your Crossover bottle into default

iv. Open location: /opt/cxoffice/support/

v. Create a folder called ‘default’ (Without quote)

3. Install wine for running the Windows software

i. Install the software like this

You may also download it directly from here

ii. You also need the mscorefont so as to run some software properly

4. Sequence of installation of software

i. Use Crossover to install the software

ii. Run the installed software with wine




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