Too busy to update my blog – Working at Crocs as a Warehouse keeper

Having worked for for 4 days, from 14/6, my working experience is mixed-blessing. Only 4 days, working from 1200 to 2200, plus 10.75hr travelling time. Osh! Not mush time is left for my leisure.


I am quite a contradictory person. When I was still studying at school, I had always been thinking to leave home and be a wanderlust to go around with my friends. But what? Working from day to night and have"little" leisure time plus a super-rare holiday, I got no reason to leave home. Just wanna stay at home and enjoy a whole day with my family.

My friend, Andy, would become one of my colleagues if he had inked the contract with his signature. According to the contract, I am responsible for keeping the warehouses of 2 retail shops of Crocs @Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, and Andy is responsible for keeping >2 warehouses @Hong Kong Island. On the day I commenced my work, I just wowed and I really wanted to resign. On the first day of my job? Yup! For me, having no working experience and have to take up 2 warehouses? Isn’t it too harsh for a warehouse keeper novice?

I was responsible for the warehouse keeping at Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui together with that in Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Indeed, warehouse keeping is not as harsh as I think, but the main problem is, the working condition of the one at Star Ferry Pier is really harsh!!! How can I describe that? Can you imagine that you have to check the products one-by-one inside 20~30 cartons, in a 100-feet + Non-air-conditioned + Super-crowded + 30◦C + Smelly (odour of sweat and plastic footwear) den (加一個"g" 就變成我的感覺了,但不我不會講出口哦~).

Nonetheless, the main point of the main problem is, I have to work alone there for 4 hours, with no one to talk to (I even talked to myself for several hours, crazy me!). Besides that, even I got help from my colleagues, they just look very unwilling (Come on man, I am just a newbie, can’t I ask for help?). The reason why they are unhappy and “mum" may be the same as why I had to talk to myself.

Oh, lucky me, I now have to work at the warehouse on Haiphong Road only, with very nice colleagues, supervisors and shop manager. It’s just like a big family, making fun with each other and I feel so comfortable to work there. However, the only blemish is that, I still need some time to remember the corresponding positions of >300 products (With really special name for each product) in the much-bigger warehouse.

Staff uniform – Shoes

Crocband – Every staff member are required to ware this at warehouse

<Grammar is not checked…>


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