Enable Cool’n’Quiet Feature under Linux Environment

It’s always easy to install official software under Windows, with the most-updated features provided by the software, and auto-update, whatever. Nonetheless, only the geeks are able to install the same software under Ubuntu.

Recently, I have bought an APU and wanted to test it under Ubuntu to see how power it will be under Linux environment. Today, I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 and found that the catalyst control center doesn’t provide a function to adjust the maximum CPU usage (Which is a feature of Cool’n’Quiet).

Image representing AMD as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

I tried to locate the word ‘CPU power’ and ‘CPU performance’ in the catalyst control centre but nothing shows up.

So, I gotta install a thir-party software to limit the maximum CPU usage. Then, I got ‘cpufrequtils’ through hours of googling.

Default Clock Rate: 3.0GHz, with 100W TDP
Going to under-clock to max. rate of 1.50GHz, and reduce the TDP to ~40W

Installation and Configuration log

1. Install cpufrequtils

apt-get install cpufrequtils

2. Configure cpufrequtils

sudo gedit '/etc/init.d/cpufrequtils'

2.1 Set up with the following content


3. Restarted cpufrequtils

/etc/init.d/cpufrequtils restart

4. Test the result


Then, you should see the following output:

current policy: frequency should be within 800 MHz and 1.50 GHz.
The governor "ondemand" may decide which speed to use within this range.

In addition, 

If you want to see the difference before-and-after, you can check out the temperature difference. (As there’s no way to check the CPU clock-rate using any pre-installed Ubuntu apps)

In this case, I use psensor to check the temperature.

There’s some problems with my hardware temperature sensor



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