Notice: The official facebook page of has been launched

Why do I launch the facebook page?

Because of the feature of facebook that it provide unlimited cloud storage and high-speed network, together with its huge amount of active worldwide users, I believe that it can increase the amount of visitor to and establish its own social network. Most importantly, I can host as many pictures as I want on facebook page.

What other outcome would I expect from establishing the facebook page?

More than hosting pictures and videos online (but I can’t embed the videos on, I can also use it to attract potential partners and see if they would like to contribute to this “growing" tech. blog.

Other than online storage, what do I need that facebook page for?

Bloggers don’t not rarely have ideas on several topics and wanna write something about it, but the something is really “some things", how could they write a 3-hundred passage on a topic that they found it interesting?

Therefore, facebook has a good deal to this. Bloggers (and me) can now and ever use facebook page to publish our thoughts with tens of words and that makes life easier.

What can the readers do to contribute to your blog?

That’s easy! Comment + Like + Rate + Share.


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